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I'm Beka,

I'm a 13hh new forest pony. I'm quite speedy by nature and like nothing more than when I'm zooming around having fun.


I'm Billy,

I am very pale skinned so have to wear lots of sun cream in the summer. 


Hi I'm Bobster,

I like to chew my reins and allow other ponies to chew my tail when we're in the field which is why it's very thin!


My name’s Bumble,

I'm one of the youngest in the herd but they say I have an old head on young shoulders, whatever that means!


I'm Candy,

I moved from Wales to London in 2020 which was quite a change of scenery for me!


I'm Chocolate,

I am the favourite of lots of my riders (and don't I know it) and I won't be tied up outside on the yard as I'm far too important for that. I love teaching tinies to start jumping or showing off my skills with the bigger kids. 


Hi I'm Ellie,

and I am a lady; so polite with tinies and can go up a few gears with the more accomplished riders 


Hi I'm Flora,

I arrived in 2022. I love people but am more particular with my choice of four legged friends. I am an excellent jumper and like to remind my riders that I know what I'm doing without their help!


Hi I'm Guinness,

I'm privately owned but used for more advanced riders. My previous owners evented & took me hunting so I have seen the sights in my time.


I'm Josie,

I teach teenagers & adults from their initial steps to more advanced school movements and jumping.


I'm Junior,

I am currently on Sabbatical but planning my comeback for later on this year.


I’m Katie,
I am one of the Matriachs here. What I don't know about the LEC frankly just isn't worth knowing. Now that I'm in my senior years I have more of a supervisory role but can still show these youngsters a thing or two. 


Hi I'm Kizzy,

I emigrated from Ireland many moons ago now and people tell me that Josie must be a family member of mine given our striking resemblance.


My name’s Liam,

I'm still finding my feet here but I am a very pretty ornament in the meantime.


My name’s Luna,

and by all accounts I am a delicate flower. My dapples change throughout the year and I become a lighter grey every year. I am ridden by our more advanced teenagers & adults and are very popular with visitors looking for a friendly face. 


Hi I'm Magic,

What I lack in size I make up for in spirit. I insist on inspecting all feed bowls on my voyages around the yard whether my handler likes it or not.


I'm Puzzle,

I am currently on secondment in Cheshire teaching a little girl the joy of riding. Sending you all my best wishes from up north.


Hi I'm Razzmatazz,

(but Razz to my friends); I am the closest thing to a teddy bear you will find in the equestrian world and love cuddles from my adoring fans. Mums tend to be especially fond of me as I am so extremely cute. 


Hi I'm Scarlett,

Hi I'm Scarlett & I spend most of my time introducing adults to the joy of riding but I do still dabble in jumping from time to time.


I’m Sonic,

I am currently living a life of leisure while I am acclimatised to riding school life.


Hi I'm Spirit,

I was a showjumper in a previous life. Since moving to the LEC I develop riders' feel and show those already with a decent level of jumping experience under their belt how it feels to jump at the next level.


I'm Tago,

I'm a thoroughbred. I did start out at racing school but racing was a no from me. I teach beginners and the more advanced riders and also enjoy the odd foray around a course of fences.  


I’m Tattie,

Which is short for Tatiana but I don't like having my flowing mane brushed much so Tattie suits me best. I like to do a bit of everything including wallowing in mud! 


I'm Thistle,

and I am just a teeny tiny bit of a drama queen. I have a list of things I don't like and your attention to these is appreciated. 


My name’s Wasabi,

and I don't like vets. I have an extremely scopey jump for a lady of my stature and am just as happy teaching beginners their up downs or jumping a course of fences.


I'm Will,

and I'm a connemara. I'm a particular character and while the humans round here think they choose the riders for me, I'd like it on record that I am front and centre of that decision making process. 


I'm Zebedee,

I love to chew things (most things really but especially my reins, whips, zips and sleeves). I moved here as a companion for Milo when I was 9 months old and I've grown a lot since then, particularly as my mother was a Shetland!


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